Weddings are wonderful events. They mark a formal union of two people in love and set the platform for the creation of society’s most fundamental unit; the family. Everywhere you go, weddings are embraced with joy. People have different ways of expressing such pleasure, and as a result, you will find that wedding ceremonies vary from place to place.

That said, gifts form a universal part of all wedding rituals. Various people with different relationships with the newlyweds; friends, family, colleagues, etc., shower the married couple with gifts to express their joy at the new union and also to bless their new life together.

Universal as they are, wedding gifts are still a mysterious item. No matter how well you know a couple, chances are that you won’t know what to get them for their wedding. Relax; you are not alone. This site will show you how universal this problem is, and give you tips which will help you get around it. All this is contained in various sections herein.

Gifts for Various Anniversaries

Did you know that every anniversary has unique gifts which should be given to mark it? Of course, it makes sense that a couple will be happier to celebrate ten years of union than one year. The more significant event, thus, will need to be marked with gifts of higher value.

However, as a marriage grows older, it stops becoming the business of outsiders, so you cannot impose enormous gift demands. Again, couples celebrating 30 years of togetherness care more about simplicity than value. To understand the names given for each anniversary, and the gift themes for each milestone, get into this section and explore ideas which will make you stand out at that anniversary.

The Most Expensive Wedding Gifts

Weddings have been shows of luxury over the years. Since their invention, different parties with varying relationships with the couple have gone to extreme lengths to show their love through gifts. Since the days of kings, there were trends when newlyweds were awarded gifts as grand as portions of an entire empire.

The trend has not taken a backseat even in this day. People use expensive gifts as a show of how highly they regard the couple. These could be family members from either side, close friends or even one spouse gifting the other. In this section, an insight into some ridiculously expensive wedding gifts is given.

Cash versus Gifts as a Wedding Present

Picking gifts is never an easy task. From finding the time to shop to figure out what would be unique and yet meaningful to the newlyweds, the task can be a headache. This sometimes leaves cash as the most apparent wedding present option.

There is always the fear, however, that a cash gift will soon be forgotten and may be frowned upon in some cultures. This section explores the increasing popularity of cash gifts and weighs their significance against other offerings, which are, after all, bought using cash. Maybe you won’t feel so guilty handing over an envelope of money after reading this section.

Gifts from Around the World

Have you ever wondered about what weddings in other parts of the world look like? More specifically, have you considered the gifts that other people give to appreciate their newlyweds? A review can reveal some bizarre gifting traditions, such as the ‘money dance’ practiced in Cuba and Greece. This entertaining section looks at some of the ways different people across the world use to gift newly-married couples. Maybe this will help you take the worry out of your tradition, or you could learn something interesting that you can bring to your culture.

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