It is often said that marriage, once you get into it, is a lifelong journey. It is also a journey of ups and downs; no one knows this better than people who have woken up to the tie of wedding vows day after day. The challenges of marriages are the main reason why every day of the union should be celebrated; to mark the daily resilience of overcoming what threatens to tear couples apart.

Did you know that most cultures have a name for every year you spend in marriage? In the US, for example, one year of marriage marks a paper anniversary. The same name is used in the UK, while the Chinese refer to this milestone as a clock anniversary. The most popular anniversaries which people mark, however, are five years (wood), ten years (tin/aluminium), 15 years (crystal), 20 years (China) and 25 years (silver).

Beyond these years, anniversaries are usually organized by the couples’ offspring. The 30th anniversary (pearl), 40 years (ruby), 50 years (gold) and 75 years (diamond) are for the really lucky lovebirds.

That said, each of these milestones has a varied meaning and, as such, requires different celebration gifts. There were originally traditional gifts for each, but the world has moved forward, and the list below is more about modern-day gifts.

Five Years

Traditionally the ‘wooden anniversary,’ the modern fifth anniversary is themed by silverware. Couples marking this milestone are still in their early years of marriage, and their love is still hot. Silver themed gifts such as rings for renewal or pendants are ideal. You may go for more significant gifts, but the theme of silver should remain. The colors for this milestone are pink, turquoise and blue.

Ten Years

Ten years of togetherness is a sign of a marriage which will truly last. The modern theme for this anniversary is diamond silverware with the colors blue and silver. A silver-dipped eternity rose is a befitting gift for this occasion, and not many people know that. Be a genius and go for it!

Twenty Years

China was the traditional theme for 20 years, but today platinum has taken its place. Emerald-green and white are the colors for gifts at this stage. Prints of art, flower bouquets and jewelry are perfect gifts for the 20th anniversary.

25 Years

The silver theme has persisted across the ages for the 25th wedding anniversary. Any silverware sits well with this anniversary. You could go for wine buckets, candle holders, tea sets or plates, etc. After 25 years, a bonus gift could be a holiday to a resort where the couple can get away and re-live the many memories accumulated.

40 Years

There are no changes for the ruby anniversary in the modern and traditional eras either. This is a not-so-common milestone which is marked with the boldness of the color red. Red ruby jewelry marks the 40th anniversary.

50 Years

A marriage which gets to the 50th anniversary is truly golden, and so is the theme. Couples getting to this milestone are by all means in their bonus years and do not care for grand gifts. Simple gold-colored jewelry sits well for this occasion.

Gifts do not have stark differences over the years, so long as you stick to the theme. Eternity roses are some of the most iconic gifts you can get; it is a great thing which not many people think of!