It is common in many cultures to give wedding gifts to the happy couple at their ceremony. As times change, however, so have the kind of gifts typically offered at weddings. Initially, people gave simple gifts to the newlyweds but has now moved to the point where the wedding couple have to publish a list of items they would prefer, even adding it online for all to see.

This kind of style is not preferable to some people, as they would like to surprise the newlyweds with a great gift. Some people have also started giving money as a gift, which has turned out to be an excellent method of rewarding people during weddings.

Here we make a comparison between giving cash or gifts at modern weddings.

Cash Gifts

The most preferable wedding gift, according to modern research, is cash. A high percentage of wedding couples currently prefer money compared to the usual offerings. Not a surprise really, given that real money is always a popular option everywhere you go.

Cash goes a long way in helping everyone involved in a wedding. It allows the giver the privilege of not having to choose the kind of gift to present to the new couple. Some people giving wedding gifts may not also know the couple’s particular like of material things, thus leaving cash as the only way of giving a gift.

Financial Help to the New Couple

A money gift may also be of great help to the newlyweds, as it would help them kick start their new life together. Some of the new couples may need cash to help them settle in their new home, and money would be of great help to them.

Couples may prefer cash compared to gifts at their wedding since it gives them some freedom in getting the equipment they need in their new home. It also allows couples to buy the type and quality of the product they want, compared to gifts which limit them to only the items they are given.

The Honeymoon

It is a tradition for newlyweds to go for their honeymoon right after the wedding. Some of them, unfortunately, may not be able to afford their exact imagined honeymoon, and thus prefer to have a short break instead. Imagine what cash as a present at their wedding would do for such a couple.

It would be of more considerable help than a gift. This would also have enabled you to help the couple have their dream honeymoon come true.

Cash may also be of great help to the newlyweds, as it would reduce the pressure exerted on them by the amount of money they spent on the wedding. Some couples take out loans, and this would be of great help in repaying them.

Cash is currently preferred to gifts, since some of the newlyweds may already have the items given to them at their home. This would, in turn, cause a problem for the couple, as they would have to sell some of the items. One may also not know the couple’s preference for equipment and may end up giving them something they don’t like. People at the wedding may also present the couple with the same kind of gift, thus not benefitting them that much as compared to cash.